Renewed Minds Therapy - Relationship, Individual, and Family Counseling Services
Charlie Simpson, LMFT, LPC  
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor       
Speaker and Behavior Consultant
Charlie Simpson, LMFT, LPC
#4 Shackelford Plaza, Suite 202
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Phone: (501)313-1185
Renewed Minds Therapy embraces the concept of changing the way we think to overcome the difficult challenges in our personal lives. I offer a full range of therapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families. As a therapist, my services focus on providing high-quality therapy that instills hope and empowerment.
The ultimate goal is to provide a confidential and nurturing environment to help you move in a different healthy direction. With understanding, strengths are built and opportunities for personal growth occurs. 
As a solo practitioner, the office is not staffed with someone who can help you in case of an emergency.  However, you can call me directly if an emergency situation exists.
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